Nagualep wants to lower your Waste Footprint with the new NA-2 Kitchen Waste Recycler

Nagualep wants to lower your Waste Footprint with the new NA-2 Kitchen Waste Recycler

LAS VEGASJan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nagualep, creator of the electric kitchen waste recycler NA-2, showcased how it intends to change people's relationship with organic waste today at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Nagualep's latest NA-2 kitchen waste recycler features an intelligent sensing system to efficiently reduce organic waste volume by 85%, and weight by 95%, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of food waste and landfills.

After experiencing record growth in 2022, Nagualep is now aiming higher for 2023, with the goal of reducing 1 billion pounds of food waste globally. "With the average American household wasting around 1,000 pounds of food waste every year, Nagualep provides an accessible way for people to start making a difference, and become a part of the solution today, by reducing their home's waste footprint by up to 90%." said Jordan Sherman, marketing director at Nagualep.

A New Model of Waste Processing

The Nagualep NA-2 works by heating food waste up to 126 degrees Celsius for dehydration and sterilization (kills 99.9% of bacteria). At the same time, food waste is ground into a dry material that is 85% less volume, and 95% less weight. NA-2 features an intelligent sensing system that stops operation automatically when processing is complete, with an operating cycle taking as little as 1.5 hours, while using just 0.1kWh to 0.5kWh per cycle, or about the same as using a coffee maker. It is quiet too, operating under 45 decibels, which is about the same as a typical refrigerator.

"Turn Waste into Treasure"

Nagualep says the NA-2 can turn kitchen waste into a natural, chemical-free fertilizer that can be used in a home garden. Operation is simple, with only a single button on the top to begin processing. While many users report that they use NA-2 after every meal, some users were surprised at how it made preparing meals much more convenient, as all of the egg shells, vegetable stems, seafood shells, and chicken bones find their way into NA-2, rather than the trash can.

Creating a Better Home Life, While Saving the Environment

"While living in Canada, I discovered there were not many convenient ways to responsibly manage kitchen waste," said Na Pan, the founder of Nagualep.

"I did not want to install a garbage disposal under my sink since they are loud, require a lot of electricity and water to use, as well as not being the best for the environment. I ended up using a lot of garbage bags, and could not stand the smells or taking out the trash every day. I tried something called an electric compost machine, but it was loud, and took several hours to complete operation, so I decided to found Nagualep and began developing NA-2."

Changing Garbage Disposal Habits in America

After considerable success in Asian markets, Nagualep is planning to make some big moves in the US in 2023. "We have been thrilled with the adoption of Nagualep in Asia, and could not be more excited to introduce this technology to American homes," Jordan said. "When we think about making a difference, there is often an imagined element of sacrifice, but with Nagualep, you really do get to have your cake and eat it too. We are seeing people reduce their waste footprint by as much as 90% in Asia with NA-2, and our fans rave about how much more convenient kitchen life has become. At the same time users are reporting lower utility bills, and vibrant, colorful home gardens. A common theme across reviews is that once people get a taste of Nagualep, they wonder how they ever lived without it."

NA-2 retails for $699 MSRP and can be found on Amazon and at

To learn more about Nagualep's vision and products, visit us at our booth 50647 in Tech West, Venetian Expo Level 2

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