Quality from Day One

Quality from Day One

Nagualep has always been committed to quality since day one.

As soon as we began R&D on our NA1 in 2018, we wanted to make electric kitchen composters that were easy to use, combined with exceptional reliability.

In 2020 with the release of our first electric kitchen composter - NA1, we set a high standard for quality, with an after-sales service ticket issuing rate of 1.25%. Impressive for a brand new technology from a brand new company, but we did not want to stop there, and we didn't.

NA2 in the kitchen

In 2022 our second kitchen composter NA2 arrived. With it, brought several improvements over our first model, as we took what we learned from your feedback to make an even better product. NA2 has to date featured a nearly unprecedented after sales service ticket issuing rate of 0.035%.

In 2023, Nano is here, and it represents an accumulation of everything we have learned in this industry since 2018, and if history is any indication, Nano looks to be the most reliable, highest quality device that Nagualep has produced to date.