Nagualep NA2 Electric Kitchen Composter

Reduce Your Waste Footprint by 90%

Keep It Green.

Turn food waste into nutrient-rich food for your houseplants or garden

How Nagualep Transforms Your Daily Home Life

Saving Money

Nagualep lowers your electric, water, and waste management bills

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Nagualep lowers your overall waste footprint by more than 90%

Increased Convenience

A single press of the button takes care of 90% of your kitchen waste in as litle ad half an hour

More Pleasant Home Life

The nutrient-rich byproduct produced by Nagualep can be used as food for your home garden.



Turn food waste into nutrient-rich food for your houseplants or garden

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Ultra High Temperature Processing

Average temperature up to 126°C+

Dramatically reduces processing time to as little as 30 minutes per cycle

Energy Efficient

Each cycle consumes just 0.15kWh,about the same energy as a typical coffee maker.

Odor Free

The built-in deodorizing device features a ventilation and heat dissipation system to instantly prevent unwanted odor in real-time

Effortless Sustainable Living with a Single Button

Ultra-heat treatment

Heats food waste to 126℃, sterilizing and reducing kitchen waste weight by 95%

Efficient performance

Recycle food waste into nutrient-rich food for the garden in as little as 30 minutes

Activated carbon filter

Integrated carbon filters effectively remove food waste odors

Inner bucket

Nano-coated ceramic bucket is non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and built to last

Before & After

Reduce your food waste footprint by up to 95%

  • 1. Fill

  • 2. Transform

  • 3. Use

Simply scoop your leftover food waste into NA2 and Nagualep handles the rest.

In just 30 minutes your organic waste turns into nutrient-rich food for your plants and garden.

 Congratulations! You have just reduced your waste footprint and can provide nutrients for your plants and garden.

Most of your waste can go into NA2


The cost of running Nagualep for a month is around the same as running my coffee maker. The best part is that Nagualep saves my time and effort.

Fraser Valley Rose Farm

Now I can make my own fertilizer and do experiments in my garden,

Miho Tidying up

 If I had to describe what it smelled like, it’s almost like my garden. It smells like I’ve got fresh herbs growing.


For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month, you can
be free of stinky wet garbage everyday.


It turn food waste into a dry and reduced down matter that
can be stored odor-free anywhere you want in your apartment, your kitchen or whatever.The cost of running NAGUALEP for a month is like that of drinking a cup of coffee. The best part is NAGUALEP saves my time and effort.