For Greener Kitchens
For Better World

Founder Story

In bustling Vancouver, our Founder Anna faced the challenges of waste management firsthand. Cooking brought her joy, but the overpowering stench, pest invasions, and bone-chilling task of taking out trash in freezing weather took a toll on her. Then came the devastating flood caused by a garbage disposal mishap—a turning point that ignited her mission for change. Anna realized existing waste management technologies fell short. Motivated by unwavering determination, she pioneered Nagualep—a beacon of hope for greener kitchens. No more kitchen odors. Fewer trips to the bin. Preserving nutrients. Protecting the environment. Nagualep creates a greener kitchen for all.

Our Vision

Envisioning a future where people thrive in exceptional kitchen experiences while eliminating suffocating landfill emissions. We empower individuals worldwide to transform organic waste at home, driven by our unwavering commitment. By reducing our global landfill footprint, we bring fresh air, well-being, and greener lives to communities.

Our Mission

Nagual breathes life into a profound mission of kitchen greatness. We strive for a sustainable world, touching lives with our exquisite creations. Seamlessly merging with your kitchen, we enchant your daily rituals, empowering you to effortlessly weave sustainability into your life. Together, we reshape the world by courageously diminishing carbon footprints, guided by Nagual's unwavering support.

Where We Sell

Heal the Planet. One Meal at a Time

Echoing the world's call, we act to ensure our products contribute to builidng a greener and better future.


    We focus on developing durable products that last. This helps avoid wasteful overproduction and overconsumption.


    We strive to use minimal package in an effort to avoid the mining and use of precious materials, allowing for easy recyclability.


    We avoid animal testing and animal-derived materials in product development. All our products are vegan and cruelty-free.