Guardian of nature, keep it green.

"Nagual" is the guardian of nature in Central America. For the past 10 years, we have been committed to pragmatic solutions for your sustainability challenges. Extracted from food waste, including nutritional protein, vitamins and trace elements, are converted into fertilizers, feeds, and given back to nature. Nagualep is investigating green ideas for a low-carbon lifestyle; protect nature, and nature will protect you. 


Nagualep promotes a sustainable lifestyle by providing alternative solutions for waste-use and shedding light on convenient ways to respect nature in our daily-lives.


Nagualep is on a quest to help make sustainable, earth-friendly commerce the new normal. We inspire conscious commerce by offering trusted, high quality goods that create authentic positive impact. Together, we aim to learn, share, and celebrate a healthier planet.


Be transparent
Be authentic
Be passionate
Inspire our customers
Create positive change