Garbage Day Just Got a Whole lot Easier  
“I love garbage day” - said by literally no one, ever. With Nano, “garbage day” only comes around a handful of times a year, by cutting your waste footprint by 90%. You won’t be buying chemical-laced fertilizers anymore either, since Nano turns your food waste into organic fertilizer. You save time, money, and the planet.
Nano takes out all of the guesswork when it comes to food waste recycling. Just press one button, and you’re good to go.
As soon as the button is pressed, Nano begins to heat up internally to 260°F to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
Time is valuable, and with Nano, you won’t be waiting long. In as little as 30 minutes, your organic waste is transformed into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants.
With an active carbon filter your food waste won’t have any smells during operation.
Once Nano reaches its operating temperature, it automatically dials down to just 60W for the remainder of the cycle. The end result is just 0.15kWh per cycle, which is about the same as a coffee maker.
You won’t wake up the house when you turn on Nano. In fact, you likely won’t even know it’s on.
Can’t find the timer? Nano doesn’t need one. With its auto-sensing super perception, Nano automatically shuts down when your kitchen waste is recycled. It will also auto-detect whether items are too large or hard to recycle and safely shut down.

How it works 

Nano is a masterfully crafted piece of engineering. Every component works together to put on a symphony of carbon reduction every time the button is pressed. Although the magic is happening on the inside, from the outside, you will barely know that Nano is on.


Intelligent Algorithm


As soon as the power button is pressed, Nano fires up 700W to reach 260°F within 6 minutes. Afterwards, it automatically dials down to just 60W to maintain operating temperature, and save energy. This is how Nano can operate so fast and use so little energy, and without any required additives.



Don’t feel like doing the dishes? With Nano, you don’t have to! Nano features a brand new self-cleaning function. All you have to do is put in a little bit of water, then press the button. When you come back, the inner bucket will be sparkly clean and ready to use again.

Proprietary Motor


We looked at all of the motors on the market, and decided none of them were up to our standards, so we invented our own. With German-made carbon brushes, Nano’s motor features high-torque, low RPM, and a long service life. This is why you can hardly hear Nano during operation.




 Our founder and CEO Anna Pan was one of the first adopters of electric kitchen composters in Canada. While she loved the idea of an electric composter, the options existing at the time had so many drawbacks that she eventually just gave up using them. That did not stop her from going on a journey to create the perfect kitchen composter. Anna left nothing on the table when developing Nano, and it is truly the result of one woman’s dream becoming a reality. A dream she wants to share with the world.