Explaining the Name - You Can Call Us Nagual

Explaining the Name - You Can Call Us Nagual

One question that often gets asked is: "what is the deal with the brand name?" Admittedly, this question has often had an awkward answer, and would change, depending on who was answering the question. So here is the story of Nagualep or Nagual.

The full name of the company is "Nagual Environmental Protection Technology" which does not exactly roll off the tongue in daily conversation. So the brand name was shortened to "Nagual EP" or "Nagualep" - Nagual Environmental Protection.

As environmental protection is already at the core of everything that we do, we felt there was less of a need to have environmental protection in the name, so we are dropping the "ep" from Nagual, and in the process, making our name a lot easier to pronounce!

But that only answers half of the question. The remaining question of course is - what does "Nagual" mean? It is believed that a nagual is a sort of guardian spirit. When combined with environmental protection, it can be seen as a guardian spirit for protecting the environment.

There is one more explanation, even if it does require a bit more stretching of the imagination. Our founder Anna Pan, in her Chinese name has the character 娜, pronounced "Na" - which became the Na in Nagual. A company named after it's founder is common, so commmon that we often forget that storied brands like Ferrari, Porsche, and Dyson were all named after their founders, and Nagual is hardly any different when it comes to its name.

Lastly, to finish off this linguistics lesson, ChatGPT says that Nagualep is a combination of the words "Natura" - meaning nature, and "Galep" which allegedly means help in some language, so there you have it! Nagualep means to help nature. Incredible.