NANAGUALEP Has Passed Successfully IOS 9001 Certificate / High Standard, High Quality

NANAGUALEP Has Passed Successfully IOS 9001 Certificate / High Standard, High Quality

With the progress of The Times and the development of science and technology, environmental problems have become a major difficulty for human beings. And the garbage has become a common thing in our life. Our daily life will produce a lot of the garbage which has been properly handled.

However, the leftovers, peel, poultry and fish bones, and other food residues are not easy to classify and deal with.

So food waste composter are necessary to household life. Surely someone will argue that it would waste more and more water in the progress of dealing with food waste. However, when you sort, pack up and throw it into the trash, you need to use a bag. It will take many years to decompose this white waste, and the separated food garbage has to be buried. The new Nagual waste composter needn’t water and the treated material can be used as fertilizer, which is more environmental friendly by measure.

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The traditional garbage disposal is divided into vertical and biological, but what are the differences between traditional food waste cycle and Nagual waste composter?

Connection type or crushing machine must be connected to the sink under the washing basin, then grind and smash directly into the sewer. The process time is very short, but it has many disavantages:1.too much noisy; 2.Must turn on the tap when use it, so it would waste too much water for flushing; it is very hard to deal with tough garbage and hard bones, and to clean up more difficultly; it is very easy to block the sewers and result in secondary pollution of water source.

The independent type, Biological food waste disposer must add biodegradable bacteria when use strain fermentation, but the disadvantages are: 1. the decomposition time is over 12 hours, too long time;2.spend too much cost on buying garbage decomposing bacteria frequently and waste too much electricity; 3. cause large compost fermentation odor; needs big space to place machine; 5. it is difficult to dispose of bones and non-degradable waste.

However, our NAGUALEP new independent type of food waste disposer adopts the principle of high temperature drying, grinding and sterilization treatment. It is independent because it needn’t to be installed under the sink. So it solves fundamentally the series of problems from connection type. The average treatment time is only 1-3 hours, and no need strains, that also solves fundamentally the problems of the biological food waste compost. There is low noise and automatic filtering to remover odor.  It even can handle hard objects such as chickens, ducks, fish bones, etc. One-button operation is convenient and fast, and free placement, even can be installed by the elderly at home. Mini type and small volume can be free placed on or under the table. The rest treated material can be stored for a long time because it has been disinfected and after sterilization, which also can be recycled. Kitchen waste = Natural Organic Fertilizer/feed. Nagualep food cyclers turn the waste to be treasure.

It is a household appliance, so it is necessary to choose better and more stable and safety machine. Nagualep has got the ISO9001 quality certificate(International Standardization Organization) on 23th, June, which means that our Nagualep’s management system and team departments(include development, production, sales, administration, finance and others) can meet the international standards, and demonstrate our quality control and quality assurance capabilities can meet the corresponding standards. We are capable of providing products in accordance with specified and required quality requirements.

What are the advantages of ISO9001 quality management system certification?

Firstly, it can strengthen our quality management and improve the enterprise efficiency, thereby enhancing the confidence of existing customers and potential customers, expand market share, meet the requirements of market access and increase the competitive strength. At the same time, it improve the quality awareness of all staff and improve corporate culture.

Second, it means to obtain international trade green card-”PASS” and eliminate international trade barriers.

Finally, it saves the audit progress and cost of global partners and is conductive to international economic cooperation and technical exchange.

To pass the ISO9001 certificate is very tedious and difficult, so all the enterprises who has passed the ISO9001 certificate can approve themselves that they can continue to provide with ideal, stable, qualified products to their customers. Stand in the customers’ view, to achieve customers’ satisfaction. ISO9001 is not a slogan, but a demonstration of actual effort and action.

Choose Nagualep means to choose “take easy”, choose “relaxing”, choose “rest assured”!