Food Waste Recycling

Food Waste Recycling

I will never forget the first and only time I saw a landfill in my life. I was somewhere outside the city, near the edge of the line where civilization gives way to the pure endless expanse of nature, when a feeling began to take hold. I remember thinking something like "how has this been here the whole time?" - in fact this particular landfill was older than me at the time.

Landfills are a blight on our planet, and they are incredibly unnecessary. While we know that waste is bad on a basic instinctual level, many of us live far from the landfills that we send our waste to. Make no mistake however, we are still feeling the effects of the landfills, even if we cannot see them.

Methane is one of the most powerful and dangerous greenhouse gases. Far more harmful to the environment than CO2 which steals the headlines most of the time when we talk about greenhouse gases. Now however, there is a solution.

What if instead of sending our waste to landfills, we reduced it's weight and volume first, becoming a part of a movement dedicated to a decentralized model of waste management, where instead of paying money, and paying the environmental cost of having large diesel truck come to pick up our garbage every week to take to a centalized landfill, we took care of it ourselves.

Nagualep food waste recyclers allow users to process their own organic waste into a byproduct that can actually be used in a way similar to fertilizer. After drying, sterilized, and grinding your food waste, it can be stored in jars or bags indefinitely, and can even be buried in your home garden to deliver nutrients to your plants, allowing them to flourish.

Recycle your food, revitalize your plants, respond to the planet criss with Nagualep. And your garden will thank you for it.