Frequently Asked Questions

Why use electricty to make compost, instead of just sending waste to nature to be more eco-friendly?

By sending waste to nature we need garbage trucks for transportation and landfill to deal with waste. During landfill, methane will be produced due to lack of oxygen. In this case, using electricity to turn waste into fertilizer at home is more environmentally-friendly.

Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT/GST?

Backers are responsible for duties and taxes. The amounts vary by country and by type of product. We recommend that you check with your country's customs office for more information.

How do I pay in my currency ?

You will be charged in the campaign’s original currency. The amount charged by your card issuer in your local currency may differ from our estimate, based on their exchange rate and any applicable fees.

How long is the product warrenty?

1 year

Is there anything that cannot be processed?

Do not process large and hard objects such as beef bones, pork bones, and shells. It affects the life of the processing container and may damage the main body.

Is there anything I should be careful about when using it?

Avoid processing foods that are high in sugar or starch, such as rice, noodles, bananas, corn, and potatoes alone. Try to mix them with other food scraps. Also, drain the water and oil from food waste before processing. If there is a lot of oil, it cannot be dried.

How often should the activated carbon filter be replaced?

It depends on the frequency of use, but we recommend that you replace it about once every 6 to 8 months. We also offer a return with a good-value replacement filter, so you can use it for about 2 years. Please consider returning with a replacement filter. 

How long is one processing time?

The actual time depends on what you are processing. Normally say 1.5 to 5 hours

Is it required to use the charcoal filters or will there be unbearable odours if used without?

Depends on what going into Nagual. but using charcoal filters ensures air particles are cleaner for breathing.

Would I only be able to order replacement filters through Nagual company website once the campaign ends?

Filters will be available for order later, details will become available when the campaign ends.

Could we compost pet waste (dog poo), tea bag and coffee grinds?

You can compost tea bags and coffee grinds as long they are made of bio-degradable materials.

Does it have UV sterilisation feature to kill mold, bacteria, etc?

Nagual's high temperature can sterilize mold & bacteria without UV light.

Is the unit self-cleaning? (i.e. if we fill the unit with water and run the composter)

The ceramic bucket is dishwasher-safe & easy to clean.

How do I ask the project owner a question?

If you’ve already backed this campaign, you can leave a comment on the Comments tab, or send the project owner a direct message. Otherwise, you may be able to contact the project owner through website or social media accounts.