“Wish-cycling” Is always a bad idea,but Nagualep composter is a good way to deal with your kitchen waste.

2022-01-16 18:08:16 娜谷

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We’ve all been there. You’re standing in front of the recycling bin with something in your hand — perhaps a beverage cap, crinkly cellophane wrapping, the tinfoil lid from a sour cream container, or a pizza box. Have you ever been confused, why do we spend so much effort in sorting food waste? The government's wish to recycle is good, but it has not been implemented in place. We worked hard to separate the kitchen waste, but when recycling, the waste was mixed again for recycling. Therefore, the classification of food waste does not actually make any sense. Is there any way we can circumvent the classification of food waste? Yes, please use our Nagualep kitchen waste disposer for help.

For the other kinds of waste,you’d rather err on the side of caution than waste, so you toss the item into the recycling and figure that if it’s not suitable, the recycling facility can sort it out. No harm, no foul — right?

Unfortunately, no. Gather ’round while I explain how wrong we are for doing this.

Recyclers have a word for this kind of well-intentioned, but ultimately harmful, behavior: It’s called “wishcycling.” The apt term seems to have been coined by Bill Keegan, president of a recycling company in Shakopee, Minnesota, and it’s loosely defined as “the practice of tossing questionable items in the recycling bin, hoping they can somehow be recycled.”

It’s incredibly common, but also incredibly damaging to the very recycling programs you’re trying to support with your eco-friendly efforts. The issue with wishcycling is that, although it seems like it’s a great idea, tossing potentially unrecyclable items into your blue bin ends up costing time, money and even sometimes creating far more waste. 

In the future, more and more garbage recycling products will come out, which will truly solve the problem of garbage recycling and utilization from the source. The Nagualep kitchen waste processor is a new generation product developed specifically to solve the problem of food waste classification. Nagualep company whose mission is to protect the earth's clear water and blue sky.

NAGUALEP,Nagual,Food Composter Machine,Food Waste Disposer,Best Kitchen Composter